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Thursday, March 11, 2004


you krazy kocks!!

When is a gay not a gay? In this new digital age of the image & the icon it can be difficult to tell. Walk down any high street in Britain and you'll see many of these 'look gay but aren't'. If rubbish gays were younger we would fear this rise of the homo-copyus, but as we get older we have learned to look and leer. That's right straight lads, we ARE perving on you!!

The most prominent of these are Ant & Dec. Seeing Ant dressed as Kylie in the advert for the new Saturday Night Takeaway show stirred something down below in us. With that in mind here are a few snippits from a Smash Hits Interview.

You sound like the perfect couple. If things were different, would you be?

Dec: Would I go out with Ant if he was a girl? No way. He's got a hairy arse! (don't be shy)
Ant: I wouldn't have it if I was a woman would I? (touch my bum)
Dec: Oh aye. (this is life)
Ant: I wouldn't go out with Dec 'cos I know him too well. We know each other inside out, they'd be no.. mystery.

Name your showbiz chums?
Dec: Sean Maguire, Sonia.(fag-hag)
Ant: Andi Peters. (Fag)
Dec: Neil (fag!)and Chris (fit as fuck fag!) from the Pet Shop Boys.
Ant: Robbie Williams.(suspect has been faggy with Mark Owen at least once!) He's really nice.

Draw your own conclusion readers.

PS Other Wannagays include Niles from Fraiser, Chandler from Freinds & David Dickinson.

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