Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Happy Rubbish (Christmas Gays)

Our Mother has just been for her Christmas visit. Bless her for her presents. We could be in our 40s. Her presents included a Marvel desk calendar & a Marvel dressing gown. Great gifts for a comic book lover. As previously mentioned we are older. We like DC Comics, we hate Marvel. Rubbish Gays put the gown on, hood too. Thank you Mother.

Our sister went out & brought us back 20 cigarettes. Gawd blesh yer.

Monday, December 04, 2017

For The Twatty Hipster Who IS Everything

We Rubbish Gays hate hipsters. Our main point of contention today is represented by the above picture. Beard fucking Baubles. We first noticed the item in an email. We believed it was genuine but a little 'padded' as a gift. We then took a look. Oh my!! There is a range. We say 'range', in other words, more of the same. As you can see from the illustration, it's not a real beard. It's not a real person. In fact it just a female shop mannequin with old pubes stuck to it.

On a sidenote. These look AWFUL. Even if you are buying a treat for the hipster type. Do not buy these. Please.

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