Thursday, July 05, 2018

Coca-Cola Is MORE Tricky Than Ever

We have been caught up...again. "NEVER AGAIN" we vowed, so to remind ourselves an article MUST be written. We LOVE Cherry Coke & we are NOT on a diet (or a lady), we say this as we bought the wrong one. 'No big deal?', well it is! Above, circled is what to look for, CLASSIC it describes itself as, see picture below.

THE ABOVE PICTURE IS WHAT YOU DO NOT WANT TO SEE ON YOUR CHERRY COKE To cut a long story short, we poured our WRONG drink down the sink!!


Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Skinny Rancid Jeans

We, as you know, hate change. So we DO run into problems from time to time. If we say "skinny fucking jeans", you'll have an idea of what we refer to. Yes, Rubbish Gays went to town! Literally, we went to Manchesterford. We observed many, many MEN (not women) wearing the offending items. The pictures above refer to this horror.

As far as we were concerned skinny jeans have NEVER been in fashion. Believe us, we kept a pair of white jeans from Flesh at the Hacienda. We were keeping them until they came back in fashion. They didn't.

In conclusion tight/skinny jeans do NOT suit ANYONE, let alone MEN. If however you are a man and DO own this 'item' BURN THEM NOW!!

Yes. We Are Still Touring!!

In days past, we saw these pair on Pointless Celebrities. They are from a 90's collective the So Solid Crew. The shows host, being genuine asked them were they still touring? They replied with of couse, we are touring all the time AND all over the place. Good for them. Or is it? We then saw the following in the latest issue of Heat:-

Like you all I am please to see Booty Luv doing something. We liked them. We publish this picture to draw attention to the 'special guests'. No, there's NO So Solid Crew but there is Lisa Maffia & Romeo. Hmm seems they ARE touring, (appearing behind Steps AND the classy Bjorn Again). As it's Butlins, Steps & Bognor Regis, we shall NOT be attending. BTW Blazin' Squad (appearing on the same bill) were MUCH better than So Solid Crew.

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

I Wonder (Woman), It's Frightening!!

Christmas is not yet over. This was slipped under our tree about 2 days ago. We ignored it for a day, asking only if it were wrapped. 'Yes', I was told.

We had a butchers yesterday. 'The Art of Wonder Woman', frim the cover it seems to tied in quite heavily with the recent film. Ah yes the recent film, we saw it on buses.

This gift is odd, considering who bought it. Our 'other' didn't take make to the pictures to see it in either 3-D (as it was), or normal. We have even downloaded it, watched it twice (alone).

In the background the tree has been disassembled, the 'gift' debated. Taken back?

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Happy Rubbish (Christmas Gays)

Our Mother has just been for her Christmas visit. Bless her for her presents. We could be in our 40s. Her presents included a Marvel desk calendar & a Marvel dressing gown. Great gifts for a comic book lover. As previously mentioned we are older. We like DC Comics, we hate Marvel. Rubbish Gays put the gown on, hood too. Thank you Mother.

Our sister went out & brought us back 20 cigarettes. Gawd blesh yer.

Monday, December 04, 2017

For The Twatty Hipster Who IS Everything

We Rubbish Gays hate hipsters. Our main point of contention today is represented by the above picture. Beard fucking Baubles. We first noticed the item in an email. We believed it was genuine but a little 'padded' as a gift. We then took a look. Oh my!! There is a range. We say 'range', in other words, more of the same. As you can see from the illustration, it's not a real beard. It's not a real person. In fact it just a female shop mannequin with old pubes stuck to it.

On a sidenote. These look AWFUL. Even if you are buying a treat for the hipster type. Do not buy these. Please.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Girls Rule. Women Are Funny, Bebe, Get Over Yourself, Seriously

[UPDATED 18/08/17]

'Funny women'(Sorry Babs, not you) as a type has been on the fence with us for a while. It is only this evensong we had even considered 'Is this Women-Gone-Wild any good, funny if you will? We were struck by the recent glut of these flicks, our sounding came forth.

Let's start with Bridesmaid's, well have only seen bits of it. Ghostbusters, well, the same. Bad Neighbors 2, now here we go. We remember the first one, a funny Rose Byrne, the always good Seth Rogan & the ultra-fit Zac Efron. It had moments were genuinely funny. The sequel? We do not remember er, finishing it. Shish! Again, why do we never finish things. It might take you a moment to read this sentence. We have gone and comeback from re-watching Bad Neighbors 2, just to...refresh memory? Are you buying that? We shall return, like Superman (only better). (PS We love Brandon Ralph, either then, the 'missing years' or now!! We would R(g)AY PALMer his dick for him, we hear like Liam Neeson he has a long cock that needs rolling back up)(This job we would do).


To update this current velum, we have re-watched (Bad) Neighbors 2. For some reason we assumed Drew Barrymore was in it. She isn't). After our shilly-shallying earlier we come suddenly to our review. It was....pretty, pretty good. However Seth Rogen in this film is funnier than all the other female cast members. In conclusion we suspect this was the wrong one to discuss on this subject.

Moving on didn't work for Bananarama, nor did it work for STEPS. Third time's the charm? So not actually moving on, Pitch Perfect. We really enjoyed this, Bridesmaids didn't see it all & Night at the Museum 3 we kind of liked. The Museum one isn't a 'Women-Go-Wild' film but is DOES feature Rebel Wilson. Now her, Rebel and Melissa McCarthy are the start of a perfect Wild movie recipe. Maybe with Kristan Schall and we suspect Samuel L Jackson, sounds tasty but as you can read we are not writers. BTW HOLLYWOOD JEW WRITERS GET ON BOARD, MAKE THIS!!

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