Monday, March 10, 2008

Donna Summer Made Me Gay

Donna fuking Summer has a new elpee coming out in May. This is old news it seems, God we are so slow. Not as slow as Donna who seemed to have let 17 years slip since her last (rubbish) album (Mistaken Identity? It were a mistake to ever set foot in the studio luvvie with that tripe). Anyhow, apart from spending countless hours in k-holes with a Summer soundtrack, we at Rubbish Towers have been waiting for some new material from her like a peado waiting for the school bell. We haven't been able to illegally download any tracks yet *curses* best we can do is go on Youtube for some mixes of 'I'm A Fire' click anywhere about here to go listen.

As you can see, the song and album title is rubbish, but what's more it's gay. So it's us all over. Listen very carefully I shall say this only once, 'Crayons' it's a shit title. Crayons are what mad people are given. It's almost as shameful as Agnetha's 'My Colouring Book' from yesterqueer. 70 days and counting... This had better be fucking good bitch!!!

[Rubbish Music On : Donna Summer-I'm A Fire (Extended Red Top Mix)]

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