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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Skinny Rancid Jeans

We, as you know, hate change. So we DO run into problems from time to time. If we say "skinny fucking jeans", you'll have an idea of what we refer to. Yes, Rubbish Gays went to town! Literally, we went to Manchesterford. We observed many, many MEN (not women) wearing the offending items. The pictures above refer to this horror.

As far as we were concerned skinny jeans have NEVER been in fashion. Believe us, we kept a pair of white jeans from Flesh at the Hacienda. We were keeping them until they came back in fashion. They didn't.

In conclusion tight/skinny jeans do NOT suit ANYONE, let alone MEN. If however you are a man and DO own this 'item' BURN THEM NOW!!

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