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Friday, March 26, 2004

Seventh Chevron Spunked And Encoded

Cuts both ways.Dream Topping.Hotbott69_4U

The most rubbish of gays cannot fail to be hooked on sci-fi. Rubbish Gays was hooked on the Next Generation and Babylon 5. One that we tried to avoid was Stargate:SG 1. However we have becone satelite bitches and dispensed with five channel hell. Apart from the brilliant Relic Hunter, we have got right into Stargate. The team is a bit like the Village People, except they all wear the same uniform, and don't sing, an um don't appear to be fags. Anyway there is a trio of hot spunks to suit all ages. See them pictured above. We have a twink-ish with a great jaw, Johnas Quinn, we think hes versitile. Next up is the veteran, Jack O'Neil, he's older,rugged, definatly active, bet he knows all the tricks. Finally Daniel Jackson, fit, intellegent, floppy hair, undoubtably passive. The internet being as foul as it is has given life to gay sex with tv characters. Here is an example of some Stargaterotica:-

Daniel struggled frantically against the restraint, bucking up against the man squatting on his legs, and pinning him to the floor. The abused fabric of his shirt finally yielded to the determined assault; the noisy, organic sound of rending material mingling with Jack's low, evil grunt of satisfaction. He yanked the sundered remnants halfway down Daniel's arms but didn't entirely remove them. While what was left of the shirt no longer proved to be an impediment to his further intentions it definitely restricted Daniel's efforts to resist them.

I would like some Johnas 3-way action, but as he's a new character I will wait.

[Rubbish TV on: The Simpsons - BBC 2 ]

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