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Sunday, March 14, 2004

Texting On The Dancefloor

A disturbing new trend has come to Rubbish Gays attention. Whilst undercover in one of Manchester's finest fag discos, we observed on several occasions rubbish gays in the middle of the dancefloor 'texting'. What?? Surely todays dance drugs aren't that weak, are they?? Even worse, one of our associates was texting a freind in the same (empty) club to find out where they were. In short like Celine, think twice, do you really need to text your fag hag? If you do, please move to dark corner as when gays are in 'the zone' this can really twist their melons.

Textacy aside, girl DJ's are crap. This one didn't even have the Boogie Pimps.

[Rubbish TV on: Veritas : The Quest - Sci-fi Channel ]


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