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Thursday, July 31, 2003

A rubbish attack

game_on> hello der
gayguysyorks> so what we playing game_on (how amusing)
gayguysyorks>love firstimers (like me you mean, don't be fooled by the hits that I got)
game_on> choose your own adventure (a wise choice)
game_on> roll dice for luck
gayguysyorks> scored a double six lol (obviously has never played a Fighting Fantasy gamebook)
game_on> unlucky, your quest ends here...
nuffrespec> :-)
total_bastard> l
total_bastard> lol game (the crowd like it)
game_on> how about I play running rings round you (I wonder if he's realized I've been here before?)
sibradford> hi guys
gayguysyorks> hi si (hmmm more interested in simon now, I don't approve)

[Tue Jul 30 23:39:42 GMT 2003] Disconnected. Close VolanoChat and

My Rubbish Haiku

Based on a tale Joe told me.

Spring breeze cools the air
sucking gently drawing in
hold on tight now breathe.

I think I have followed all the rules correctly. My freind Joe was obviously smoking crack.

Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Having spent the best part of last night arguing on line with a 15 year old, my eyes are killing me. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible. Full transcripts will of course be made available.

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

I can imagine the crasher 'kids' running to get these. Anyone who wears flurecent clothing items while out should take a good look at these. Yes they are excatly like your shite, only cheaper. Remember glow-in-the-dark stuff is for 8 year olds, and get that lolly out of your mouth.

Sunday, July 27, 2003

Lowculture I Bow


Thank you Lowculture. It's a less travelled path we take.

Gay and rubbish, meet David Gest

Looking like he's just a spine injury short of being Christopher Reeve, the Gest has pushed Liza over the edge. We all know that Shirley Maclaine is the only old woman who can do high-kicks. After a successfully but brief run they are no longer. Just like poor old Lady Di, with the botox there were three of them in that marriage. A few months ago, they cancelled plans for a wedding anniversary party for 1,200 guests in Times Square, citing, get this, ' the war with Iraq' (and Minnelli entering rehab). The war is over, but the custody battle for their uber-gay pets can now begin.

tykeboii> am off mi ed on coke n i wish u wos ere wi ur camera abusin
the shit out a me m8 (Here we go)
> I would start with a spelling lesson
tykeboii> k m8............... (He doesn't close the window, I make my move)
> see through you (Maybe he likes the Stereo MCs)
> I see through you
> you're twisting my melon man (Surely he likes the Mondays...)
[Sat Jul 26 23:21:48 GMT 2003] tykeboii left private chat. (Hmm seems not)

Saturday, July 26, 2003

matt baker

I'm sure Blue Peter is showing repeats, never mind it was a great chance to catch up with Matt Baker. I had an E-mail from a rubbish gay who also pervs on Matt (thanks Alexander), I hope he was watching. Matt in short shorts climbing, he does seem strong. Plenty of shots from below looking up at his suprisingly musclebound legs. Bad news is I could find any pictures of it. Only some facts about Morrocco.


Cheers Ian for this one. Some New Deal boy with an sms mentality. Bear in mind while reading his words, that this is a personals advert really.

He closes with 'THINK B4 U MESSAGE ME!'. Think what? I'm not sure. Maybe about how much of a wanker you sound?

[Rubbish music on: Forever More - Moloko ]

Friday, July 25, 2003

Cock In The Attic

After watching a Cash In The Attic repeat. It struck me that the ginger haired expert seems to fancy Alistair Appleton. This I don't mind, as Alistair is 100 % fit. However I feel such a union would be in no-ones interest.

I was randomly searching for a picture of Dorien Grey, when I came on this.

Meet Dorien Grey, poor bitch cat is now dead, and the site it's on is like a pet cemetry for sad cyber cabbages. People who think pets are better than people are to be avoided at all costs!!

[Rubbish music on: You used to (Feat. Javine) - Richard X ]

David Icke (pronounced 'Ike' - long i)

He doesn't wear a powder blue track-suit anymore but he still seems mad.'David Icke's words are designed to inspire all of us to be who we really are, to fling open the door of the mental prison we build for ourselves and to walk into the light of freedom.'

He tells of a 'A flow of powerful energy' when he visted Titicaca. How true.

Thursday, July 24, 2003

mywords20> hi
> hi my
mywords20> how are u
> i am well (thirty second gap)
> have you got some words for me?
mywords20> yes but am looking. wat about u
> your profile says 'every piss' what does that mean? (Ignores this)
> I notice in the main room you have a big black cock
mywords20> yes
> tell me about it
mywords20> i have a big black cock (Very revealing)
> are you cut?
mywords20> about wat (I think...)
> what do you like to do?
mywords20> as wat (he's a...)
> do you like docking?
mywords20> specified plz (robot)
> rolling foreskins back and foward (I'm not into it, I'm pushing the un/cut question again)
mywords20> no
> but dockings not important
> what do you do?
> in a sex way?
mywords20> no (Again very resistant)
> I would love to get with you
> do you like to be bummed?
> with a large spam? (Note inclusion of Spam)
mywords20> yes
mywords20> yes (Spam inclusion not noted)
> you sound like a bad lad
mywords20> wat about u
> I bet you are wanking now?
mywords20> nononononononono
> Im going to take a sniff of poppers and wank ( Wasn't doing either of these things, I wanted to push the boat out)
mywords20> my love plz let talk about love issue (he didn't)
> too late Ive sniffed emmmm
mywords20> am looking and are u ready
> ok i am ready I will be nice
> tell me about love
> what are you seeking
> I sense great confusion (Just like Diana Troi)
mywords20> i want some one i will love and have sex with
mywords20> i have a big cock and want to shear that romantic feeling (maybe he does want sex?)
> love leads to sex, sex leads to the dark-side ( I try to use the Force)
mywords20> yes
> what seems to be the problem getting a man?
> are you too camp?
mywords20> no
> who is your dream man?
mywords20> man who will love to love me
> well I love to love, but my baby just loves to dance... (couldn't resist)
> when were you last with a man?
mywords20> 5 years ago (hmm at 15 seems a bit S Club 8)
mywords20> and u
> 5 hours ago (true)
mywords20> i wish am there to use my big black cock (again the threat of a massive member)
mywords20> do u have yahoo so dat i can send u my cock
> I thought you wanted love?
> well why would I want a picture of your phallus?
> In my 31 years I've seen a lot of cocks (Again, true)
mywords20> but my is . . . . . .
> I mean is it HUGH?
mywords20> u would like to suck it
> no, not really
mywords20> u will
> I suspect you dont wash properly
mywords20> i haven't see it (No, I haven't seen it)
> this is why I dont take people seriously without a profile pic.
mywords20> i want to send it to u now
mywords20> am about to good to bed my love (very Westlife)
> im not fucking about with email (I don't. It IS a fuck about)
mywords20> will u give me ur e mail so dat i can send to u
> maybe u should just go have a wank
> may it be the 1st of many
[Thu Jul 24 02:29:09 GMT 2003] Disconnected. Close VolanoChat and
(coincidence or fate!!)

Hunk on Curtis Court!!

Judge Judy may have better cases, but Curtis has the buffest clerk-of-courts I have ever seen. Look at how his arms bulge in the regulation shirt. Hes called Anthony Pasquin, or 'Sir' to you
[Rubbish music on: Love ain't wait for you - S Club ]


Unfortunatly I will no longer see this symbol. My free trial has ran out. I now fall back into the ranks of common 'classic' scum. The many hours spent looking at 'Thumbnails Online', alas no more.....

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Now this really is the most rubbish gay thing I have come across in a long time. Big Brother Josh's Gaydar Profile.

[Rubbish music on: Finest Dreams - Richard X Vs Kelis ]

Horny teen wante ur dick
I think the correct word there is 'dictionary'. Check out what Sixinchjohn states in 'About Me'.

'I like wans, sucks, and fucks, but, you have to do them to me and then I`ll do them to you.'

Message from _cyberangel_
Sent Wednesday 23-Jul-2003 12:38 Local Time
Profile _cyberangel_

Message Hi mate, excuse my crap user name, I thought it was good once. Myself and a mate were thinking about setting up a site like rubbishgays to let the world know that many gay things are in fact rubbish. I think my profile might give you an idea of my attitude towards certain homos. Ever need contributions to your blog? Let me know.

Cyberangel, you are more than just a pretty face. Excepts from his excellent profile.

Well hello, don`t be scared, but before we go on, read below all the things that piss me off. Excuse me if I sound rude, but everything below is true. Enjoy...

"I want to find a man without any baggage." Firstly, they won`t be on gaydar and secondly you`ve obviously got issues so piss off.

People with a cock pic as their main pic with the caption "this is me!" Yes that`s right, you really are a cock.

*** If I don`t respond to your message straight away it`s might be cos I`ve run out of messages. Or I didn`t like the look of you and couldn`t be arsed to reply. ***

Now you I like!!

[Rubbish music on: malchik gay - t.A.T.u. ]

human league
Richard X's new song is fucking excellent. The more Human Legue in todays dreary chart the better. Don't wait, download it now, Finest Dreams!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Reapers of Blood - A Vampire help site

Fucking hell, according to Go-Stats I am at No 46 in the 'Culture & Relationships' right behind this group of sad fuckers.Reapers of Blood - A Vampire help site, why vampires need a help site is beyond me. What they seek should come from a local GP. Maybe Seroxat?

Sunday, July 20, 2003

You're never alone with a Klone
jason klone
Urgh hi-energy cover versions. 'Klone Records' *gag* seem to be pumping them out, I can't imagine who buys them, apart from maybe bears.
JASON & KIX are undertaking an extensive UK tour in support of the release with ‘Moulin Rouge’ style outfits and choreography promised. Well kids, good luck to you. May you all be stars in New York and stars in L.A.

Saturday, July 19, 2003

john bunnell
"Hi, I'm Sherriff John Bunnell", if you watch too much Reality Tv (Ch 241 Sky) then you too will have heard this pompus ex-lawman's cheesy greeting. I love car crashes & police chases, but when this twat harps over the top of it, the fun is really sapped out of it. Another example of a fun-sapping show is 'The Planet's Funniest Animals'.

Friday, July 18, 2003

Until Judging Amy starts again, I am whacking off every morning to the fucking fit Ed. I tape Family Swap, that I can wait for, but a wank over Stuckeyville's finest I can't put off.

scott baio
Daytime queens can't have failed to notice Diagnosis Murder is back on. I need Scott Baio. Not as much as I need Ed on Channel 4, but he makes me feel pervy.

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

The heat brings out the real knobheads.

maltesenob> ok m8 im here waiting for yr next message im a big lad
reeal hornie
> is that whats affecting your spelling?
maltesenob> my spelling not to good m8 but my nornie bod makes up
for it
> you look a touch over-weight
maltesenob> im the slim guy
> did you read the words on my profile too?
maltesenob> hung on m8
maltesenob> opps thats not so good hu
> could have saved yerself some time by reading it first
maltesenob> yes but yr pic looks realy good as u do m8
> what u looking for?
maltesenob> to have fun with a guy but i cum loads tho about four
times or more ?u like love to suck yr cock
> you are getting too excited
maltesenob> well im very highly sexed m8 sorry
> do you have a face, or just a shot of your pants?
maltesenob> yes i will send it ok
> I cant wait
[Wed Jul 16 01:22:43 GMT 2003] maltesenob left private chat.

French Bitch

French Bitch

Not gay, but rubbish.
"Bardot says all her friends are gay". In danger of sounding like Edina Monsoon, Bardot backtracks after her recent book in which she claimed Muslim immigration, modern art, trash TV, and gay culture were the causes of France's descent into decadence.

My arse!! A has-been who never was. See Zsa Zsa for how it's supposed to be done. PS France is shite!!

This is me, then.

A fellow gay, who has spotted Rubbish Gays.: "Tuesday, July 15, 2003
:: A Rubbish Gay ::

In honour of Rubbish Gays blog of all things rubbish and gay, I give you from the g-a-y messageboard:

it used to really be off when straight people used to line the front of the stage (usually sit on it) for acts like the solo spices and . I remember getting into a row with this straight girl cus she kept elbowing me and she called me a 'stupid fucing dyke', which isn't very nice 2 hear when your standing in a gay club!'

Oh the irony."

Rubbish Gays strikes again. Remind me tommorrow to tell the world how rubbish G-A-Y and related 'club' nights are.

Darren you have a fine blog, and good taste. Alistair Appleton is not rubbish, but defo gay. I would WELL have him to Doctor my House (flat).

Monday, July 14, 2003

Funny isn't it how the best word in the English language is now universal. Unfortunatly 'wanker' doesn't mean the same all over.Wanker's Corner doesn't look at much fun as it sounds.

Sunday, July 13, 2003

Message from putoutmoreflags
Sent Sunday 13-Jul-2003 23:20 Local Time
Profile putoutmoreflags

Message you`re everything that makes gay lads`re the typical gay queeny shit..I wish more people wwere less like you, game_on...then maybe we`d get some resapect..(and, before you ask, no..I don`t fucking fancy you) Alan

I have just had this abuse thrown at me through the ether. Alan needs both a spellcheck and some asprin for his blood pressure.

Ha ha, Daniel Beddingfield live on Pop beach now. Has just shouted 'let me hear you Weymouth'. unfortunately the poor misguided cow is in Great Yarmouth. On a personal note he needs to loose some weight.

crap pants

Be the belle of the ball and strut your stuff in this encrusted G-string! Be the bell-end of the ball more like. If you own any of these pants, you must be destroyed.

Church of hate!!!

Homophobia in the church? Well I never!! Again Peter Tachell misses the point of the church.

Saturday, July 12, 2003

Get Down!!

This time you stay down!! I fucking love Wonder Woman. The bitch on the cover is Orana. She won a new tournament and took the mantle. She is killed the next issue, her curse for being blonde. Being the slut she appeared i'm sure she managed to get some action while in 'mans-world'.

Friday, July 11, 2003

A bit of blue for't dads

Blue Peter, three times a week and possibly the gayest kids show ever (apart from My Parents Are Aliens). 'Presenter' Matt Baker has a kind of gay awkwardness which makes me cringe, but I like. I watch BP more now though than when I was a kid, if only for the physical reports, Simon joins the army, goes swimming, takes top off, etc. Wednesday was Simon playing Aussie rules football. I like Simon to look at, but bumbling Matt does it for me every time.

Dannii, still a bit crap

Dannii Minogue, yes rubbish, but gay?? Hard as she tries, we love he sister more. I went to a record signing for her 'difficult' 2nd album years back. I asked her to sign a poster 'How camp?', she pretended not to hear me, then not to know what camp meant. Judging by this picture, she knows. I'm not sure whats going on but it looks like a rubbish gays 'meet 'n' greet' at the Hollywood Showbar.

Correspondence (at last)

----- Original Message -----
From: John Bocij
Sent: Friday, July 11, 2003 12:42 AM
Subject: Gaydar Users Page

make of it what you will. spelling mistakes galore, but the lad will get more hits from folk visiting your web page.
have i done a spell chek?

You are not wrong John mate. Here are a few choice excepts from this dimwit-


Saving the crappest for last.
Maybe this 'moth' you'll try a little harder.

New counter

Rubbish though it is I have one. 147 designs and all of them pants!!!


I have just seen Coolio on Liquid News, he was on BBLB yesterday. Both times he has been a twat, he's not gay but he's well rubbish. Whoever booked him on these shows needs to get the sack.
He had 2 hits a few years ago, now he thinks he's J Lo. Even Shaggy is a God compared to Coolio. To cap it all he was in Batman & Robin. I tried to find a picture of him in it, sadly I couldn't. PS The fat man in the picture is not me. Just some unlucky gimp.

Thursday, July 10, 2003


I only put a counter on this site last week, now Bravenet have turned into fuckwits and changed the design. Sorry it looks fucking foul. This is well rubbish for this gay!!
Non-obtrusive counter to replace as soon as possible, I swear!!

Goods in the window

As well as being a carpenter like Jesus and Karen, Arsalot is willing to travel for a 'humanoid'. Let's hope he puts his pants back on before he hits the Queens Highway. "so what does one say? good looking, funny, ace body! and you`de beleive me right?", not really, your pictures tell a different story.

Who exactly goes in a gay formal dress chat-room?

"i love dressing smart etc." Be prepared for this guy looks like he wants to sell you something. Maybe a knick-nack from his mantle.

Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Shock news!! Boy George is gay!!

Aarons Gay Hollywood is right on the money he says Elton John & Rupaul are gay.

You think?

Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Is a gay doll really necessary?

Down at Billyworld, they seem to have a thriving buisness. So maybe a gay doll will fill the grim market for all things grim. I expect if you have a rainbow flag, you may want one of these. Or maybe you get it as a dating gift, then you'll be fucked!!

Horny lads with tattoos

Do me tatt boy!!
MMMmm he looks well up for it in a kind of Alistair Crowley way. I am taking up a part-time hobby, pervin at lads with tattoos , Wish me well.

Monday, July 07, 2003

She needs more than a spoonful of sugar

"Singer and actress Dame Julie Andrews has admitted she doubts she will sing in public again because her voice has still not recovered from a 1997 throat operation. " Poor cow.

Sunday, July 06, 2003

You have an online message

Message from anonhole
Sent Sunday 6-Jul-2003 22:57 Local Time
Profile anonhole

Message In Manchester next weekend and looking to catch as many loads as I can. Any tip where to get them? Wanna pimp me out?

Wizard of Oz, just how gay and rubbish can one party be?

Wizard of Oz Party Supplies looks like the lamest merchandise I have ever seen. If I EVER end up at a 'party' usinging these items, then some cheap queen will get a good seeing to. 'There's no place like home, especially when celebrating your birthday', celebrating on your own no doubt

Why I hate transvestites!!

a) they are just wierd, b) it's soo wrong & c) they always look like shite. This one seeks 'Dominant men who like to use and abuse a slutty slag like me'
. For a start fix your hair.

Young, dumb & full of self.

There is nothing clever about not being able to spell. I blame the rise of the SMS!! Poor northerdenboi must have been kicked out of school at a very early age. '...sorry but i dont want any creapy old men wastin my time'. Too late, I've messaged him already.

Brian Dowling left SM:TV today. Poor cow she cried. He did however have the Cheeky Girls in-tow to soften the blow. It kind of worked.

I fear for him as Brian's Boyfriends is crap. If only he could get in at the BBC.


Gay, but does it realy matter in this day an age?

It had better not as the rest of his website certainly confirms this. In danger of becoming a rubbish gay. Where the fuck did Narinda get too anyway??

Saturday, July 05, 2003

When you read this on a Gaydar profile, you know you are dealing with a delusional nerd. 'My work demands privacy and the net is NOT secure'
. I can only imagine what type of work this guy to whom photoshop must be a mystery does. By the looks of his main pic he works for a Christmas Cracker factory.

Casino Avenue had this to say.

"I had that dream again last night. Where I can suck my own cock, needless to say I cannot do this already." - welcome to the world of Rubbish Gays. Too much cheese before bedtime, mate.
- posted by Darryl @ 10:42 PM comments(7)

You can never have enough cheese Daryl mate.

Three horny escorts, fuckin' no way these three howlers are for rent. Quick before the wind changes!!

Ha!! My mate has just been on MSN he's at a straight mates, but has just found a Best of Jimmy Somerville CD. Hmmm straight up the arse. I can't listen to poor Jimmy for more than 2 songs in a row. He is a prime example of how powerfull the pink pound can be!! If the pink pound was SO powerfull why is this warbler not No 1 in the hit parade. His official *snigger* website has a choice selection of pictures. I'm not sure what the theme is? I'm a bike seems about right.

If you've ever taken K then can I recommend the Human League, as a soundtrack to a K-hole.

I've got a dog right, but I don't put it up on my fucking profile. I think it's just plain wierd. It's like 'hi, here I am and I have a stupid dog too'

Friday, July 04, 2003

The Fast food rockers, wish that they could be the Cheeky Girls. I have a soft spot for these two, but even I cannot help but throw my hands up at the news they have an album on the way. It's a cheeky holiday, maybe not.

When I lived back in Wigan, my Auntie Tessie live next to Rose Hill Special School. A spaz school, or a school for Joeys. I read this blog from this retard teacher it is funny as fuck. In fact it is one of the funniest things I have EVER read. I thought for about 5 minutes that I could be a special needs teacher, but then thought, it can't always be that fun.

Thursday, July 03, 2003

Finally starting to get some feedback thank fuck for that!! I always like an audience when I am flogging my log.

Hey sometimes its shit being gay, but when I was in Gaydar chat last night this is the sad level one punter took it too far. I wonder how he wanks and types at the same time.

/cuteyjewy// ohhh you bastrads i havent even statrted telling you lot
what i think of you
/andy1001> alone.
/cuteyjewy> lol - and lets get this abundently clear
/andy1001> i shall think of you. where abouts in hulme are you?
/ streford rd
/offensiveshaun> aeroplane seeks hanger
/cuteyjewy> whatever you lot think about me is totaly irrelvant
consdiering i have SUCH a way low opions of you
/cuteyjewy> so heres the deal
/cuteyjewy> say what you like
//cuteyjewy> do your bestbecuase you aint hurten
/ im sure I yawned before
/cuteyjewy> cuase you aint worth it
/youngadidasboy> we're not makin deals with you, your a twat

Indeed cuteyjewy, you are a twat it's official!

Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Some lads should just calm down for a second when typing profiles, poor duggy all he is looking for is 'inderpendant proffesional person '. Lets hope he finds him, and they can both get over the spelling issue.

Tuesday, July 01, 2003

My naughty girlfreinds t.A.T.u. have done it yet again. After stucking 2 fingers up at Europe, the Eurovision, and the USA, the pretend lesbos have upset most of Japan too. "t.A.T.u., don't you make light of us," "They've come to Japan just to raise hell," "No apologies from the whining girls," cried headlines in Japanese sports and tabloid dailies on Monday. How cruel the Jap media can be. Seems they like their school girls submissive.

Vacuum pumps this sad fuck states it's a 'weapon of mass destruction'. his balls are odd and his foreskin looks too fleshy. Sort it out mate.