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Wednesday, July 16, 2003

The heat brings out the real knobheads.

maltesenob> ok m8 im here waiting for yr next message im a big lad
reeal hornie
> is that whats affecting your spelling?
maltesenob> my spelling not to good m8 but my nornie bod makes up
for it
> you look a touch over-weight
maltesenob> im the slim guy
> did you read the words on my profile too?
maltesenob> hung on m8
maltesenob> opps thats not so good hu
> could have saved yerself some time by reading it first
maltesenob> yes but yr pic looks realy good as u do m8
> what u looking for?
maltesenob> to have fun with a guy but i cum loads tho about four
times or more ?u like love to suck yr cock
> you are getting too excited
maltesenob> well im very highly sexed m8 sorry
> do you have a face, or just a shot of your pants?
maltesenob> yes i will send it ok
> I cant wait
[Wed Jul 16 01:22:43 GMT 2003] maltesenob left private chat.


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