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Thursday, July 31, 2003

A rubbish attack

game_on> hello der
gayguysyorks> so what we playing game_on (how amusing)
gayguysyorks>love firstimers (like me you mean, don't be fooled by the hits that I got)
game_on> choose your own adventure (a wise choice)
game_on> roll dice for luck
gayguysyorks> scored a double six lol (obviously has never played a Fighting Fantasy gamebook)
game_on> unlucky, your quest ends here...
nuffrespec> :-)
total_bastard> l
total_bastard> lol game (the crowd like it)
game_on> how about I play running rings round you (I wonder if he's realized I've been here before?)
sibradford> hi guys
gayguysyorks> hi si (hmmm more interested in simon now, I don't approve)

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