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Thursday, July 24, 2003

mywords20> hi
> hi my
mywords20> how are u
> i am well (thirty second gap)
> have you got some words for me?
mywords20> yes but am looking. wat about u
> your profile says 'every piss' what does that mean? (Ignores this)
> I notice in the main room you have a big black cock
mywords20> yes
> tell me about it
mywords20> i have a big black cock (Very revealing)
> are you cut?
mywords20> about wat (I think...)
> what do you like to do?
mywords20> as wat (he's a...)
> do you like docking?
mywords20> specified plz (robot)
> rolling foreskins back and foward (I'm not into it, I'm pushing the un/cut question again)
mywords20> no
> but dockings not important
> what do you do?
> in a sex way?
mywords20> no (Again very resistant)
> I would love to get with you
> do you like to be bummed?
> with a large spam? (Note inclusion of Spam)
mywords20> yes
mywords20> yes (Spam inclusion not noted)
> you sound like a bad lad
mywords20> wat about u
> I bet you are wanking now?
mywords20> nononononononono
> Im going to take a sniff of poppers and wank ( Wasn't doing either of these things, I wanted to push the boat out)
mywords20> my love plz let talk about love issue (he didn't)
> too late Ive sniffed emmmm
mywords20> am looking and are u ready
> ok i am ready I will be nice
> tell me about love
> what are you seeking
> I sense great confusion (Just like Diana Troi)
mywords20> i want some one i will love and have sex with
mywords20> i have a big cock and want to shear that romantic feeling (maybe he does want sex?)
> love leads to sex, sex leads to the dark-side ( I try to use the Force)
mywords20> yes
> what seems to be the problem getting a man?
> are you too camp?
mywords20> no
> who is your dream man?
mywords20> man who will love to love me
> well I love to love, but my baby just loves to dance... (couldn't resist)
> when were you last with a man?
mywords20> 5 years ago (hmm at 15 seems a bit S Club 8)
mywords20> and u
> 5 hours ago (true)
mywords20> i wish am there to use my big black cock (again the threat of a massive member)
mywords20> do u have yahoo so dat i can send u my cock
> I thought you wanted love?
> well why would I want a picture of your phallus?
> In my 31 years I've seen a lot of cocks (Again, true)
mywords20> but my is . . . . . .
> I mean is it HUGH?
mywords20> u would like to suck it
> no, not really
mywords20> u will
> I suspect you dont wash properly
mywords20> i haven't see it (No, I haven't seen it)
> this is why I dont take people seriously without a profile pic.
mywords20> i want to send it to u now
mywords20> am about to good to bed my love (very Westlife)
> im not fucking about with email (I don't. It IS a fuck about)
mywords20> will u give me ur e mail so dat i can send to u
> maybe u should just go have a wank
> may it be the 1st of many
[Thu Jul 24 02:29:09 GMT 2003] Disconnected. Close VolanoChat and
(coincidence or fate!!)


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