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Wednesday, July 16, 2003

This is me, then.

A fellow gay, who has spotted Rubbish Gays.: "Tuesday, July 15, 2003
:: A Rubbish Gay ::

In honour of Rubbish Gays blog of all things rubbish and gay, I give you from the g-a-y messageboard:

it used to really be off when straight people used to line the front of the stage (usually sit on it) for acts like the solo spices and . I remember getting into a row with this straight girl cus she kept elbowing me and she called me a 'stupid fucing dyke', which isn't very nice 2 hear when your standing in a gay club!'

Oh the irony."

Rubbish Gays strikes again. Remind me tommorrow to tell the world how rubbish G-A-Y and related 'club' nights are.

Darren you have a fine blog, and good taste. Alistair Appleton is not rubbish, but defo gay. I would WELL have him to Doctor my House (flat).


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