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Thursday, July 03, 2003

Hey sometimes its shit being gay, but when I was in Gaydar chat last night this is the sad level one punter took it too far. I wonder how he wanks and types at the same time.

/cuteyjewy// ohhh you bastrads i havent even statrted telling you lot
what i think of you
/andy1001> alone.
/cuteyjewy> lol - and lets get this abundently clear
/andy1001> i shall think of you. where abouts in hulme are you?
/ streford rd
/offensiveshaun> aeroplane seeks hanger
/cuteyjewy> whatever you lot think about me is totaly irrelvant
consdiering i have SUCH a way low opions of you
/cuteyjewy> so heres the deal
/cuteyjewy> say what you like
//cuteyjewy> do your bestbecuase you aint hurten
/ im sure I yawned before
/cuteyjewy> cuase you aint worth it
/youngadidasboy> we're not makin deals with you, your a twat

Indeed cuteyjewy, you are a twat it's official!


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