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Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Message from _cyberangel_
Sent Wednesday 23-Jul-2003 12:38 Local Time
Profile _cyberangel_

Message Hi mate, excuse my crap user name, I thought it was good once. Myself and a mate were thinking about setting up a site like rubbishgays to let the world know that many gay things are in fact rubbish. I think my profile might give you an idea of my attitude towards certain homos. Ever need contributions to your blog? Let me know.

Cyberangel, you are more than just a pretty face. Excepts from his excellent profile.

Well hello, don`t be scared, but before we go on, read below all the things that piss me off. Excuse me if I sound rude, but everything below is true. Enjoy...

"I want to find a man without any baggage." Firstly, they won`t be on gaydar and secondly you`ve obviously got issues so piss off.

People with a cock pic as their main pic with the caption "this is me!" Yes that`s right, you really are a cock.

*** If I don`t respond to your message straight away it`s might be cos I`ve run out of messages. Or I didn`t like the look of you and couldn`t be arsed to reply. ***

Now you I like!!

[Rubbish music on: malchik gay - t.A.T.u. ]


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