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Friday, November 14, 2003

Slow down get cheeky with me
Even if we were naked, we would still be sexless

Rubbish gays has much respect for these Transylvanian Lollypops, but even we cannot turn the other cheek on this one. Back out for Christmas its Partytime. I should start with the cover really. It's piss poor. Both the girls seem to be having a Linda Barker Currys moment, keep them away from sharp objects. The background serves to add to the horror, while the star in the corner makes it shabby. Eagle eyed readers will be able to make out it contains 'Cheeky Christmas', what is this madness?? As for the rest of the content, a bit like a Talking Heads album this is very hard going. May you never find yourselves never at this party!!
Head off to their website to see them cutting a birthday cake, but not actually eating any of it. It appears they turned 21 on hallowe'en, spooky or gimmick, you decide.

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