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Thursday, November 06, 2003

Prince Charles, rubbish gay??

I'm only here for the queer!!

At the risk of sounding treasonous, Prince Charles has been accused of having cock & ball fun with his 'closest advisor', who I assume is a fag. Of course Charlie boy says he's not a dirt-box devil, but he did turn down the lovely Diana for fag-hagish Camilla. You don't have to be Dannii Minogue to begin to wonder.

Here is the article, its a crap translation, but well worth it for the amusing grammar and word substiutions:

The king house risks everything that it knows this keeping secret, since on it allegedly explosive material is to be over the Sexualleben of prince Charles.

Er did Fawcett approximate too, but which I can make, if my married man an unhealthy relationship wanting with an official is received??

[Rubbish TV on: India's Ladyboys - BBC Three ]

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