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Thursday, November 27, 2003

Been A Long Time...

Gaydar fuckwits!! Rubbish Gays has avoided the Gaydar since they were banned/suspended/struck off. Now the embargo has been lifted due to yet another ban from a precious homo.

Have read your page for a while now, absolutley love it.... thought I should draw your attention to the following gaydar profile.... it is so rubbish, I thought I had to tell you all about it.... enjoy!!!

one of those self loathing queens if I ever saw one!


Why is he self-loathing? I think this one has real issues:

-I dont try and act str8 or gay like so many gay guys tend 2 do, & I prefer lads like this. (so no gay or straight acting guys??)

- I have started up a male glamour model agency & porn company. At the moment its just web sites but within the next couple of months im going to film my 1st movie, so any1 who would like 2 be in it please msg me. (Any half-wit can do a website and with the rise of digital technology, everyone can make a porn film)

-I am now seeing Olivier, I know I did really want a bf but I met him & couldnt help myself... he lives in London so until we live closer 2 each other we are still gonna shag other lads but so glad im with him. (So you did want a boyfriend or didn't you? Yet he's not really your boyfriend, thanks for sharing that)

-I`m in to things that typical gay men aren`t such as football, pool n ladish stuff but also like 2 go shopping like most gay men. (What does this mean? Sounds to us like you could be a touch boring)

Yes it is!!

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