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Monday, November 24, 2003

Home Taping Is Killing Kylie....And It's Illegal!!

Ironically the 'home taping' guff was on the back of Rubbish Gays Buck Fizz-Are You Ready. This aside, we have obtained proof that most downloaders in the UK are homosexual. Your Honour I present exhibit gAy.

Exhibit gAy

Poor Kylie, the queens favorite. How on earth could this have happened?? Number 6!! As SE-B says, "it's a mixed up world". This proves beyond all reasonable doubt that Minogue first week sales have been severely hampered by the downloading gay. Straights do download I'm sure, but mostly animal porn, so they cannot be held responsible. One good thing may come out of this, she may have to tour, and as long as she doesn't charge Madonna prices she can count on our cash!!

[Rubbish TV on: Blue Peter - BBC 1 ]

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