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Wednesday, November 12, 2003

A Blind Eye For The Straight Guy

Blazin' Muff Diver!!Girls like the 'special school' Joey look!!Only want to see you laughing in those purple pants!!

Oh the humanity!! Topman's latest attempts to dress the men of our great nation have fallen sadly short of all estimates. I present to you a selection of clothes that go not only against all nature, but they defy the very laws of the colour wheel.
Look again at the jumper in the middle, this kind of woollen nightmare can be found in every students middle draw. It comes out at the first sign of cold, and normally has a hole at the bottom of each sleeve to accommodate a thumb.
Purple shiny pants (see fig.3), not since Prince's Purple Reign have I seen such unnecessarily grape coloured pantage. What do these pants say about the wearer? I suspect they say 'Even the only gay in the village would not wear these britches'.

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