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Saturday, November 29, 2003

...And The Money For Old Rope Award Goes To....

I'm spinning around...

We have seen some shite in our time, but this piece of effluent takes the biscuit. 'Electronic spin-the-bottle' almost made us choke during Sabrina The Teenage Witch. Is it possible that the juvenile twistings of an empty bottle of Concorde, can be replaced by this whistles/bells arrangement?? Back in our day spin-the bottle was all about kissing girls, and that, could this needless waste of money possibly offer anything else? Oh yes....

'This isn’t your parents’ Spin the Bottle. Back in their day, they actually had to use a gross empty bottle that didn’t spin very well. Borrrring! ' What's that? Empty bottles are gross? Bottles don't spin you say?

Over 130 commands are programmed into 3 categories: Truth, Dare or Kiss/Forfeit. WOW!! It isn't just about kissing, it's truth or dare too. Does Madonna have one of these? If not why not?

Tell the truth – which teacher is the most boring? We dare you to dance under the table! Will you kiss the spinner’s nose, or will you forfeit? Which Teacher has the biggest cock?? We dare you to lap dance for us!! Will you kiss the spinners ring??

If Harvey from Sabrina wasn't as fit as he is, we would have changed the channel earlier and avoided this monstrous carbuncle.

[Rubbish TV on: SMTV: Gold - ITV 1 ]

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