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Thursday, August 21, 2003

Welcome to Manchester

As a local I am maybe not as excited as I should be. Yes Europride is here, Mardi Gra, Manfest, Village Charity Weekend, as it was formerly known. I went into the city today, but didn't even have a shave, how rubbish. Many of the new gay arrivals were putting me to shame. However with the uniform these gays are very easy to spot:

1-'Salon' cut hair (Like Limahl)

2-'Healthy' tan (Again, like Limahl)

3-Small rucksack

4-Dressed for a Saturday night but on a Thursday afternoon

Maybe tommorrow I will make the effort, wear my gayest top and head to Piccadilly station. "Welcome gays!!".

PS The Europride theme this year is fruit. I imagine there will be an over use of bananas in Saturdays parade, gums around plumbs, etc.


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