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Monday, August 11, 2003

Defend my girlfriends!!

Rather amusing as this petition is, the tard behind it seems to be taking it seriously. This a petition it seems NOT to ban t.A.T.u., were they banned did I miss something? Anyway on with the finer points of this document:

To: Richard and Judy (yes they are going all the way to the top!)

"We, the undersigned......

celebrate the freedom, wherever it exists, of teenage girls to kiss and touch each other affectionately in public; (has this also been banned?)


applaud them for sending positive, life-enhancing messages which affirm the
legitimacy of gay youth;
(stay in school kids)


are sick and tired of paedophile hysteria, which has now surpassed itself and gone completely stark raving bonkers." (bonkers? Are you sure this is an official document?)

The only message I want from my girlfriends is how miserable it is to be Russian, and how happy they are to be (pretend) lesbians.


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