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Friday, August 29, 2003

Trilogy of terror!!
Protects against random bumming!!Automatic naffness!!Don't ask, don't tell

Europride has come and gone. The barriers are down, hence this warning. Beware the 'Hen party', yes the girls WILL be back. Since Manchesters famous Canal Street was brought to public attention the straight girls want in on the action. Watch out for this slow moving drunken pack, the 'bride-to-be' is easiest to spot, she will be wearing humorous 'L' plates. I saw one a few weeks ago wearing a hat made out of balloons that looked like a cock. A twatty cock.
Do NOT approach, dance or stand near these women unless you want to hear "I love the village me", "I love gay men me", "I am a sad old fishwife me", etc. Instead laugh as they are refused entry to the clubs, smirk as one gets wobbly trying to navigate cobbles in high-heels and finally sneer as one of them throws up in the canal.

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