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Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Just when you thought it was safe...

Flag attack!! The Revenge!! This time putoutmoreflags has the horn.

[Tue Aug 26 19:59:35 GMT 2003] putoutmoreflags:

putoutmoreflags> anyone for a 3sum with me and
putoutmoreflags> but we want to try double fucking a lad
putoutmoreflags> so, you need to think about 2 knobs up you
looknofurther> dirty fuckers
> shame on you flags
forest_swuk> why shame
putoutmoreflags> fuck off you sily wankers..mind your own business
forest_swuk> it's nice that they r being blunt best way to be
> mind your own buisness?
ian_> each to their own
forest_swuk> true ian
forest_swuk> hand bagz at ten paces
> evenin lads btw
putoutmoreflags> and@game_on..I BLOCKED you months ago..just
fucking well get on with your life and leave me to get on with sad bastard
> well stop paying attention to me then
putoutmoreflags> I never adress you..and I expect the same courtesy
from you
ian_> evenin' game
> evenin
> look flags I love you, but I cant do double-anal
......ace......> back to the drawing board then putout
putoutmoreflags> you obviously can't deal with the fact that I blocked
you for being a silly, stupid racist little fucker..but, do try...I'm not going
to respond anymore to your chat..I BLOCKED YOU..TAKE A
looknofurther> did you have a top wekend ?
> doh I am not racist, are you thick or what??

At this point he actually did stop speaking to me. Funny that.


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