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Monday, August 18, 2003

A readers E-mail

My first negative corespondent

From the moment i visited this website to the moment i left it i was
convulsed with laughter.

Someday i intend to read it.
(I sense if Rubbish Gays isn't read it won't work properly)

Seriously - this is one of the saddest sites i've ever had the misfortune to
visit. Where to begin?

The inaccurate and misplaced references?
The peurile and offensive (not just to the intellect) 'jokes'?
The lack of respect for people's feelings and privacy?
The gay stereotyping

It's 2003 Steve MOVE ON.

Movin' on was for Bananarama, and most recently Steps. It didn't work for them, and doesn't for me. Thank you for your comments, and by the way it's spelt 'puerile'.


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