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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Am I A Minger

Channel 4's The Games brought the name of Mr Gay UK to a whole new audience. He wasn't allowed to have a real name. tut. We have poked fun at the batchelor boy before, but we conceed he did well, and so far hasn't had to make any dodgy Britsh Porn. Bored now, but what's this? Mr Gay Uk 2004, already?!?

Walsall Woofer!!Potteries Pooch!!Huddersfield Hound

Provincial gay venues, have thrown up a few wild cards already. For wild read vile. Blame it on either the boogie, or the poppers but these three are represting Walsall, Stoke-on-trent & Huddersfield. Maybe these guys are popular on home turf, but at a national level this gay Cruffs has no place for mongrel mutts.

More amusingly a place in the final is available for one lucky punter who sends their picture in the the Mr Gay UK site. Hunky lads, fit scallies, twinky students? Nah ropey fags who can't seriously think they are in with a chance. Can they? Let's look at some photographic evidence.

Take me to the clouds above...Anything you want, you got it...Judy in disguise

First up Slimey Fisher, quite conservate but fun, likely enjoys socialising, internet grooming and wearing crap hats. Next it's Peter Kay. Too many cakes Peter, just look at those zits. How you manage to leave the house let alone enter this competion proves you have spunk, or are a bit mental. Dinky-Doo!! Finally here's 'John' (real name), he sits in the garden of a council house unaware that his hair is in fact, shite. John, men never make passes at fags who wear glasses. Oh mention that to Peter too.

You don't have to be good looking to be Mr Gay UK, but lads, it helps.

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Blogger That guy said...

That was hilarious, I nearly wet my pants. Fisher, Peter & John, man those guys are ugly.

1:26 pm  
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Anonymous John Asturian said...

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