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Thursday, May 20, 2004

Judy's Cheek

The cock began to twitch...

While cruising our bookmarks we had a look at urban myths, all the usual guff, firework in a dyke, two nuns in a bath that sort of thing when we came across this bizarre thing. Syncing The Wizard Of Oz to Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon. Heresy!! Blasphemous!! We had never heard the like. In fact we have never heard this 'dark side of the moon', seems it came out in the 70's, but as its not Kate Bush or Disco our ignorance is obvious. Here's the site, blah blah. We were curious, just how would this 'classic' rock elpee affect young Judy.Guitars in Oz?!? The Wizard won't have that!!

To cut a long story short we downloaded a version of this 'cursed tape', didn't get past the first few minutes. Then we realised something, this is either attempt to straighten Judy up, or sneak her gingham through a straight mans backdoor. We don't approve. We don't do guitars.

However 'Oz' like most 'great' musicals it is far too long. Mary Poppins should end when they come back out of the pavement. Sound Of Music, needs reediting without the fuckin Baroness. With that back-combed bitch out of the way Maria's problem could be solved far earlier. Annie needs only be half hour long, it loses it when the turban man turns up. 'Ooh I'm a bit magic me 'cos I'm a mysterious person of colour with rolling eyes'. My Fair Lady, that needs a good portion chopping, mostly the bits with Wilfred Hyde-White and Hello Dolly?? Like 'Hello is this film STILL on?!.' We can never get past the bit in the dress shop, only seen the ''Hello Dolly' number' in Hooray-for-Hollywood clip type shows, like 'That's Wanking' with Fred Astaire or 'When The Lion Rims-The MGM Story', could be either.

In light of this we present Rubbish Gays Top Three Musicals of ALL Time

   Dirty Dancing
   Moulin Rouge

Don't agree? Like we give a fuck.

[Rubbish music on:Love Comes Again - Tiesto feat. BT ]


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