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Sunday, May 02, 2004

Dale Caeser!!!

Polls, poles?!?! After watching Demi Moore in Striptease, we learned that to become a lap dancer, you need a pole & a copy of Annie Lennox's Diva. We have been running the former for far too long now. We too are tired of seeing it. Hoorah, lets kill it!!

Where on earth to start?? We have proved that you don't have to be Steps to be caught in the middle of a chain reaction. Rubbish Towers notoriously lazy, has decided to clean up the sidebar. To that note, the Whats the worst thing about being a gay' poll has officially closed!! The votes are in and displayed below. Dale, with over 50% of the votes you are the worst thing about being gay. Don't blame us, the public can be cruel.

Top or Bott, you decide!!

If the stats on this poll are too much then we have drawn a venn diagram. Really we wanted to do a pie-chart, but you can't always get what you want.

Caught in the middle!!

As we were searchin' for pictures for the All-Dale revue we came across this one. We call it "WHEN GAYS COLLIDE!!"

Falling into you...

Yes its Limahl, doesn't look too shy shy. Please go look at his website thing, his hair has been a flamboyant melody of mangy dog & studio line. Rubbish Gays is also from Wigan, we walked the crooked path to get here though. Meanwhile, Limhal real name, Christopher Hamil, the neverending hair sprayed one took it up the crooked passage and is still waiting to pass a crooked sixpence in his stool. A word Chris. Kajagoogoo were a shite sandwich we of a certain age had a bit of a bite of once. Kids will eat anything. Maybe I shouldn't be so hard on poor Chris, but as an ambassador for Wigan Pride Pie Eaters he falls well short. Why lovely shapely Kym Marsh once we are your dark nemesis, keep one eye-to-eye over your shoulder next time you're in Poole's Pies.

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