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Saturday, May 29, 2004

Big Bender

Gaydar Bike?The Lone Bum-ManNo way, no way..manamana!!

On our knees yet again yesterday. We made our final plea to the Lord God Almighty (remix), "Please let there be a gay in Big Brother". Two Santa Marias, four Like A Prayers later & wearing our tie like Richard Gere, the prayers of Rubbish Gays have been answered. After 2 years of odd faux bisexual girls, there are bummers in the Big Brother house. Not one but two!! Marco, 'the camp one', and XXXX 'the twat in the hat'. Also batting for the other team a dumb lesbo Kitten. Lesbians are the worse type of rubbish gay, we don't understand them, therefore we don't like them.

It is very hard for us to draw any kind of conclusions about either shit stabber, after all, it's still the first few hours. First impressions, however last, and you can judge a book by it's cover. Marco annoyingly camp (bit fit thou) and Dan could be well-hung but who has the time?? An appeal to Gaydar users!! Have you had a meet, horny or otherwise with either of Odd or Bod? Are they really rubbish or are they playing a very clever game (think Boggle)? All mail to usual snatch!!

[Rubbish DVD on: Freaky Friday ]


Blogger Catty said...

I am curious to hear what Rubbish Gays has to say about
"Jason Cowan, 30, a former nude model who entered the house wearing a leopard print thong has formed a close rapport with Daniel Bryan 30, a gay hairdresser who claims to only sleep with straight men."
I'm not sure who either of them think they're kidding: Jason Cowan is NOT straight.

7:08 pm  
Blogger SteJR said...

Who are we as Rubbish Gayers to comment on Binman Bobs sexuality. Is it suprising that even as a straight bloke Beefy Binman could have taken 'a shine' to Disco Dan? Afterall Dan is quite fit and the two could become one Disco Dan and the Beefy Binman-just like a fairy tale ain't that sweet!?!

2:30 pm  
Blogger Catty said...


9:27 pm  
Blogger SteJR said...

Well, It looks like you were right about Binman Bob-I do believe he has just announced that he is a Bi Guy.

Here's hoping we get a glimpse of the Binmans Baguette, it can't be long before Disco Dan gets a bite of it.

9:26 pm  
Blogger Catty said...

The two of them were like watching courting animals in the wild... Jason even presents!

I'm looking forward to this far more than any more under-the-duvet activity from Michelle and Stuart.

2:59 pm  
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