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Monday, May 31, 2004

Are You Proud Enough?

Ok so you're a rubbish gay. You know this, your freinds know it, dagnamit even strangers & stray dogs pick up on it. It's not enough is it? Why not get a tattoo?? It can't hurt that much, can it?? Well guess what?? Beauty IS pain. The classic design or 'gay band' ie black all around ones upper arm, is old hat. All the fags of a 'certain age' have them. You want something bold new and exciting. Something that shouts 'I'm gay, and yes...I'm rubbish!!'. A tattoo that will speak so loud even lesbians will hear it. Mr R Gay, you're in luck, we have some inspiration for you. Hot, hot, hot from the internet comes this queer quintet

Who wants to be a macho man??Ok so maybe I was drunk...Pride cums before a fuck!!It's not a lifestyle choice, I WAS born gay!!

Please bear in mind these gaytoos will be your mark of Cain. Forever will it proclaim 'i am a ponce'. Eyes will roll, queens will gush and unattached fag-hags will want to mark your dance card. Death brings no relief, cold on the slab the 'tatt' tells the mortician 'Dress me up I'm your dolly'. That's right, even dead, the tatty-pride lets all know that you lived very gay, but more importantly, it was well rubbish.

[Rubbish TV/Music on: Precious Box - George Michael/Big Brother Live - Channel 4 ]


Blogger sunshine said...

I loved your comments about the rubbish/gay tats!
Personally, and I would attach it if I knew how and could find it... the best rubbish gay tat I ever saw was of two M&M's in an alley. The red one and the yellow one.
The red m&m is sitting down at the back of the tat, with his back against one brick alley wall, smoking a cigarette.
The yellow m&m is standing, opposite, leaning against a brick alley wall, and also smoking.
At first this is all of the tattoo that you see. And you wonder...what the heck? so you keep looking.
The red one has a big yellow smear on it's crotch, and the yellow one has a big red smear on it's mouth.
Hahaha! Funny!
Better yet, there is only one girl m&m....and she is green...
Fuckin hilarious! So in your face FUCK YOU!!! yet not.
I really appreciate it cause I sling ink myself....
you can check out my weblog if you want...
Do YOU have a tat?
I'd love to poke ya!

1:29 am  
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