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Monday, May 03, 2004

Five Go Off Topping

Ming!!Pushing an elephant up the stairsSlimeyToo old for Pop IdolBegin the chin!!

"Here they come, the beautiful ones..." I doubt Suede had this quintet in mind when this song was penned, but UK Living (Sky's default womens/gay channel) are using this theme to trumpet the arrival of 'Queer Eye For The Straight Guy UK'. Having only seen one advert reminisce of 5ive's glorious 'Lets dance', and some press snippets rubbish gays has very little to draw on for our pre-screening review. Lack of general information, and drawing rash conclusions is our bag, so here we go.

Looks, well they don't look good do they? Maybe the one on the far right is a bit of a looker, but maybe it's just his chin? Judging by their profiles they have a wealth of experience amongst them, for instance one of these has 'choreographed adverts for Colgate', while another has worked with Aleshas Attic. Ah the heady aroma of D-list hangs in the hair, it lies heavy like stale poppers in a Sunday Morning sauna/bath-house. Sadly even though this QEFSG is 'UK' only 2 poofs are Brits, poor show!!

Fags like you and me!!

Will it be crap? Who can say? Will we watch it? Will we ever mention it again? There are too many questions. One short answer is, don't bother, Channel 4 have already come up with a programme that sounded crap but is actually quite good in the form of 'Fairy Godfathers'. In that spirit have a look at the 'fairies' above. Again hounds, but in a cabbage patch way. Aww blesh 'em!!

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