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Monday, September 15, 2003

uh oh uh oh

Date: 15 September 2003 15:56
Subject: complaint

hi. I'm writing to you to complain about the content of the web page The writer of this page is a user of gaydar
(although following my complaint to gaydar support he has now been
suspended). He has been systematically cutting and pasting then posting
the text of my private messages (including my profile photo) on to this
page, for others to read. I find this this behaviour totally unacceptable.
Humorous pages are fine, but to publicly post other people's details
(including a sexual conversation I had with another friend of mine on
gaydar) on a web page without their permission is a serious invasion of
privacy. If this information is not taken off, I will seek advice on internet law
to see if I can take any form of legal action. In the meantime, I would be
grateful if you would instruct the author of this page to delete the offending
items, all of which refer to gaydar user "putoutmoreflags2. I consider his
behaviour to constitute abuse. I look forward to hearing from you as soon
as possible. Thank you, Alan Flags (the owner of the profile which is featured on the offending page

Alan 'Jolly Roger' Flags.
Dept of Flag Waving
Semaphore Institute
Put-up Road,

Oh dear


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