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Friday, September 19, 2003

'Nation not suprised a gay puts ABBA on'

You can dance with me honey...
After an evening out and sleep not kicking in, Rubbish Gays finds itself awake having lay in bed thinking about some of ABBA's darker moments ie Summer Night City. Next thing the gay is up, looking for ABBA Gold, a proper rubbish gay would have known exactly where it was , they would have also known Summer Night City is NOT on Gold. Above is Vol 2, (which DOES have SNC) invented about the same time as the Walkman. This was my favorite tape between the ages of 8-11. It is fucking ace, well apart from 'Rock me'. I always liked Freda better with that lusty dark straight hair, a dead ringer for Sabrina Duncan from the Angels.

PS The reprise in Chiquitita brings a pearl tear to my japs eye.

[Rubbish music on: ABBA - One of us ]

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