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Thursday, September 04, 2003

Two city centre gems in two minutes

As I was crossing Oldham Street today a man started to cross over with his dog. I noticed then the dog had only 3 legs, missing one of the front ones. This is not the amusing part. Standby. He called to the dog, "come on Ivor". Ivor 3-legged dog. How does it smell?? etc

There was a girl in front of me in the Superdrug queue. From behind I could see she had a pack of refill blades for Gillette lady razor things, but when she put her stuff down on the counter she had 2 boxes of condoms too. Maybe tonight was her lucky night. Fuck me though it cost her over a tenner!! The NOT rubbish thing about going to gay pubs & clubs, is the free condoms. I haven't had to pay for condoms for near 10 years now. I hope this sensible girl had a good time & got real VFM.

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