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Monday, September 13, 2004

The Age Of A Queery Arse

Sometimes we feel like throwing our legs hands up in the air. We don't we just internalise the hate, let it fester, save it for an inappropriate time. Other times we just gasp for breath whilst clutching our pearls in best Norma Desmond fashion. The pearl clutching was our only option on seeing our rubbish gay favorite Ricardo in a TV commercial for some kind of hair product. The very poor Ricardo forum which seems to consist of 2 members, advises the 'product' is Tresemme, maybe hes born with it? The Ricardo Forum is even more rubbish than its idol. The administrator seems to be obsessed with Cindy Jackon, the barbie girl. Already alarm bell-ends are ringing here.

Anyhoo, well done Ricardo, thou your forum is a pile of shampoo.

[Rubbish TV on: Newsnight - BBC2 ]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

interesting blog on ricardo's forum. noticed that with only 18 registered members, they've managed to produce nearly 5,000 posts in only 4 months of the forums existance.

seems to me that ricardo's dedicated members enjoy the place... even if u don't! lol!!!

7:33 pm  

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