Wednesday, May 17, 2017

We are NOT anti-semitic but...

Let us begin earlier in the day. The Simpsons was doing a Posiden Adventure spoof. So we were but in mind of the remake, we tried to watch it once, it was too stretched, squashed, kinda Paula Abdulish. So after rush rushing to downloaded and put it on, we realized Richard Dreyfuss was in it. Hence our tag line. We assumed Richard was Jewish like Shelly Winters (If that is indeed right). As so older, Jewish, Poseidon, I thought he would play her. We remember more Bette Midler doing Shelly Winters. Anyhow, SPOILER SPACE Richard Dreyfuss does NOT play the Shelly Winters part drowning helping others. Again SPOILER SPACE he does die :(.

Poseidon as a film was on the menu. It was actually alright. Alas awful lines ahoy, "God, save our souls", said by the gay Captain from Brooklyn 99. As well as his prophetic line he also he to die in the arms of perfectly cast lounge singer Fergie. Again frowny face :(

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