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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Beauty & The Bell-End

No matter what is said, we LOVE Once Upon A Time. Having just viewed the 2-parter season finale shown Spice Girl Style, 2 Become 1, really? Toward the end we actually cried tears (from our eyes this time, not our penises as before). As we were feeling sad AND with the show in point. We realled although it's going to reboot/hash, while we braced for impact, there was NO Michael Socha. He was cast as Will Scarlett, who if we are not mistaken, never met Robin Hood on screen. Pointless. Anhyhoo, Michael was well fit in Being Human, and we didn't see that E4 alien thing he was in. We at Rubbish Gays only have one more comment for him. That other one did Poldark (again, we have never seen), but I bet he gets a bigger dressing room.

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