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Monday, May 01, 2017

​ The Older We Get, The Younger Everyone Else Seems To Be

Having done our casual check on, we saw the TV Flash Grant Gustin hes become engaged. What?! For a start he always appeared too young to play The Flash, late 30's we imagined The Flash should be. Anyway, this news reminded us of the great divide between the young and the old. More importantly how old WE were and how young everybody else seems to be. I loathe to use the word 'whippersnapper', however there must always be some snappering or nothing would ever get done. Madonna would be number 1, the charts would be 'The Hit Parade' and Snickers would still be called Marathon. Colton Heyes, is another TV superhero casting, he was Roy Harper 'Speedy' in Arrow. After having a few 'difficult moments on the Internet', IE I'm not saying I'm gay, but I'm not saying I'm not. Of course I am paraphrasing. However in the past weeks he too has got engaged, to a MAN??!! Hooray!! When Rubbish Gays was younger it was all, Mrs Thatcher, Clause 28 and The Age Of Consent. Thats right you had be 21 to be legally gay. Now I'm not saying Colton or Grant is 21 but it's the thin end of the wedge. EVERYONE is getting younger!! Gay Porn. Yes of course we have seen it. We are a gay after all. Twinks back in the day used to be called 'chickens', now as then, RUBBISH. apart from pervy men, who whats to look at these 'acting'. At the other end, there are too many old, ugly, mongs now in porn. This I blame on cheap, instant technology. Yes, it's great porn is free to all but should much of it be made? holds delights, also much, much horror.

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