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Sunday, May 07, 2017

Love Dr Who, Hate Mrs Brown.

FOR THE RECORD:We entered the term 'erotic dr who' in Google images, where we found the above picture. ‚Äč

We love Dr Who and hate Mrs Brown's Saturday shite. Yes we at Rubbish Gays are stuck on the middle of our equivalent Trump vs everyone else. We cannot understand either him or the success of Mrs Brown. A mystery indeed, for modern times. The new Dr Who (you just said it), was fantastic. The aforementioned Brown has yet to come. In a side note there is some kind of gay thing going on in...Casualty.

God, we hate the Mrs Brown thing as much as Mr Khan. What kind of a world are we living in? On that TV note we do not approve of the following, NCIS:Los Angeles his reached it's EIGHT!?! season and how strong is Warren from Hollyoaks to get Bart's body up into the attic via a ladder. On the Hollyoaks theme, Adam-Fucking-Rickett's new character! We thought our eyes were smarting from something. We even had to Google the episode to see this familiar looking face, only to discover t'was him. {Shocked} He 'plays' a gay, hoorah! Alas knowing the village he will end up in bed with Ste, or James, or Duncan from Blue. Will it happen? Does the world turn? Who can say? Who knew Hollyoaks would last longer than Brookside?

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