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Friday, June 30, 2017


Argh, we know it's Summer. It keeps getting lighter early (curse these these thin 'curtains'). Reminding us to go to bed, not accounting for the great doom that is USA TV's various 'season finale' paths. Yes, ALL and I mean ALL of my favorite TV shows have come to an end, Quantico, The Walking Dead, Supergirl, Gotham, etc. Un-yay!! We can finally pay attention to (urgh) tennis, or (bleagh) cricket. Now we will admit some of these seasons were overly long and some had the newish dearly invention 'mid-season finale'. As far as we know our favorites haven't been canceled like

Alphas, Almost Human and our last favorite Limitless, that in itself is good news. As manufactured serendipitous as the USTV Summer line-up is, we at Rubbish Gays instantly forget about them and delighted when they toll round again. In the olden days there seemed to be just True Blood. now it's filled with a Rubbishcopia rammed with Yggaystrail. Dark Matter, Zoo and Killjoys are three that are not The Walking Dead spin-offs.

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