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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

The Gay After Tommorrow ('s porn)

Dole scum take it up the bum!!Do they?? A revelation!!Firemen sliding up down poles!!

'Show me a gay man that doesn't wank, and I'll show you stiff sheets' . We have readers, performed this deed both with others and in private. Of course the latter is preferred, but frankly who has the time. Enter porn. Not just any porn for rubbish gays mind!! Scallies, Neds, Chavers, working, dirty handed, reflective jacket & rigga boot wearer lads are fit, it's official. However in the porn department lovers of rough trade have been rather short changed. Having to deal with skinny Eastern European boys, and white socked Bel Ami twink twats for masterbatory purposes for far too long. Give us junkie dole scum trackie wearers, and a quality spunk-up session is assured. Enter Triga, they bring you men/lads from the street/estate/gutter/cottage into YOUR living room/bedroom. Just a brief flick over some of the titles available gives one no mistake about what R18 bang you get for your pink pound. 'Straight Men Fuck', 'Fireman Wankers' or 'Fucking Footballers', Rubbish Gays has a semi-on just reading the titles. Unfortunately we have downloaded
watched 'Trackie Lads', it's shite. However 'Football Orgy Two' hits the back of the net (wank sock), many, many times.
In conclusion, gay porn is changing for the better, and we have never wanked so much since we were 15 & on holiday. Click here to buy you some porn & get me some commision!!
PS If anyone at Triga reads this we would love a preview copy of 'Council Estate Europe', purely for masterbation purposes only.

[Rubbish DVD on: Atlantis:The Lost Empire ]


Blogger JayMaster said...

I have a couple (well Ok 6 or 7) Triga films and they do vary. Trackie lads didn�t deliver the promise of the cover and wrestlers was dire. Once you have seen one lad pull back his lyrca suit and hump a weight bench you have seen them all. Quite fancy getting the straight-men-fucking one next. Better still would be walking back form the local to see all the trackie lads tossing each other off in the bus shelter � now that I would pay good money for!

1:29 pm  
Blogger homeboi said...

So you wanked off at 15 and on holiday as well!! For me it was in Paignton (think that's how you spell it) and everytime I was alone. Vaguely remember a nice (but empty) cottage in a park somewhere...

Back to Triga. Yes, Football Orgy gets me going everytime. There's something about the t-shirts and the shorts, and what's inside them. Pity I can't stand football.

7:59 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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