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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Tonight Is The Night, When 2 Scotch Men Bum

Plenty of space, very accomodating, own private access thru rear

Rubbish Gays rises before midday shock!! Shocked is not the word, more like startled. Trisha on repeats, no Duke on Bargain Hunt, and where the fuck is Spunk in my Attic?? What in the name of Jebus is 'Car Booty'?? BBC you're turning all ITV. Steady!! Thank fuck then for Loose Women. For those that work it's like a ladies version of Question Time, except the audiences only role is to hoot every time a slightly risque/saucy comment is made. Traditionally the panel consists of a smug Scottish bint, one who moans all the time, Kerry Atomic Jungle Katona-Fadden and her hooters provide the thick plucky support. Oh and Maureen that used to be on Coronation Street, pretending to be posh. Ok scene set, enter our very own loose women homosexuals. The always animated, sometimes crying on a beach, Colin & Justin. They talked about love, (of each other), property developing & the importance of arranging fruit in threes. It's difficult to tell with this pair who's bott & who's top. Take a look at the picture above. Seems obvious, except the moment Justin walks/talks/moves, its 'Hello Dolly'. Anyhoo they got a new show, 'The 20 quickest ways to make money on your property', hmm sounds boring already. Rubbish Towers is council owned, we have not yet become Morgage Gays so this show may offer us very little help, but it will be most likely camp. Isn't that all we are looking for after all?

STOP THE PRESS : Spunk in my attic has just started!! What's this?? Alistair Apps with trainers on?? Trackie tentin' time!!!

[Rubbish TV on: Cash In The Attic - BBC 1l ]


Blogger Bill said...

Kristian Digby is on that property show I forget the name of.

11:56 pm  

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