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Monday, July 19, 2004

One From The Anals

The names have been changed to protect the stupid.

sad_gay.com_wanker>> hi there
sad_gay.com_wanker>> what r u lookin 4?
>> hello there sad_gay.com_wanker
>> hang on, I need to look at your profile
sad_gay.com_wanker>> ok
>> no picture, thats a bad start
sad_gay.com_wanker>> sorry sir
sad_gay.com_wanker>> i have to be careful
>> are you not gay?
sad_gay.com_wanker>> i am gay
>> you dont sound it
>> do you know who H & Claire are?
sad_gay.com_wanker>> :) no :))
sad_gay.com_wanker>> steps
>> then maybe I am not the boy for you
sad_gay.com_wanker>>> u r
sad_gay.com_wanker>>> what r u lookin 4?
>> rubbish things
sad_gay.com_wanker>> like...?
>> and drugs
sad_gay.com_wanker>> cant help u there sorry sir
>> whats the 'sir' thing about?
sad_gay.com_wanker>> im active but i luv to be dominated
>> oh god what a bore
sad_gay.com_wanker>> oh well i tried
sad_gay.com_wanker>> sorry for wasting ur time
>> does it mention anywhere on my profile that Im into that?
>> you're twisting my melon man
sad_gay.com_wanker>> no but i can always hope
>> Hope died in a tragic boat accident
>> she caught her pashmena in the rotors
sad_gay.com_wanker>> :))
>> goodbye sad_gay.com_wanker
sad_gay.com_wanker>> take care
sad_gay.com_wanker>> bye
>> no you hang-up
sad_gay.com_wanker>> why me?
>> I don't like to be rude
>> besides
sad_gay.com_wanker>> u can be as rude as u want to me
>> 'sad_gay.com_wanker has left private chat'
has a sense of finality about it.
sad_gay.com_wanker>> :))
>> I see you like Ground Force
sad_gay.com_wanker>> yep
>> and are a novice bird-watcher
>> a twitcher they call them
sad_gay.com_wanker>> i believe so but only a beginner
>> do you have a fat ball?
sad_gay.com_wanker>> ?
>> its made of fat & seeds, put them in the garden
>> bluetits love them
sad_gay.com_wanker>> oic not now
sad_gay.com_wanker>> :))
>> (I won't be abusing you now by the way)
sad_gay.com_wanker>> :(
>> but I do hate emoticons
>> you could drive a man to beat you
sad_gay.com_wanker>> sorry
sad_gay.com_wanker>> lol
>>I see you also like Changing Rooms
>>I'm starting to see a pattern
sad_gay.com_wanker>>hope its not leading anywhere
[Mon Jul 28 00:32:47 GMT 2003] Disconnected.

[Rubbish TV on: Big Brother - Channel 4 ]


Blogger capslockoff said...

Heyyyyy Rubbish -- ur back. Missed ya tho hope u werent spending all ur time on gay.commonpeeperllll... Bin somewhere hot? Or justsevendaysanddontletmecuinthiscourtagain....? Hafta say hope and her pashmenaintherotors sound like a too closerun rerun of isadoraandherbugarti.
Bin meanin to say your new picture makes u look just like bill murray outta double indemnity - forties film noir u must know it - take a look on google images. CLOxx
[Rubbish TV on: Iamnottanumberiamafreeman BBC 4 ]

12:59 am  

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