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Thursday, April 22, 2004

While You Were Sleeping....

We have been absent of late. Like a bent Rapunzel stuck high in Rubbish Towers, "Rapoofterzel, Rapoofterzel, let down your golden shower!!". Vile? We agree. Only one thing more 'off-colour' is Brown. We don't do brown, so you can imagine our delight when we came across this baby.

"This town needs an enema!!" never a truer words spoken Mr Nicholson, even if it has to be done one hot bott at a time. Agreed a small amount of poo is a hazard of the (bumming) job, but a quick 5 minutes with 'Tidy Butt' means you can say farewell Mr Brown Star!! Confident? Yes! Clean? Yes! Ready for love? Am I ever!!

Seriously gays, anal cleanliness is not to be sniffed at!!

[Rubbish TV on: X-Files - Sky One Mix ]

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