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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

I love myself, I want you to love me...I lost my arse to an old producer...

Thanks to a tip off by Rubbish Informant 'Shitbag Smith', I now present the crappest gay pop wannabe (ever), 'Gay Marvin'. What his story? Who is he? One thing he's not is Marie from Roxette, although he is trying VERY hard, he so does not have 'the look'. He's a member of a new pop fucked group called Hussey. The other members are girls, and as girls are rubbish we don't show them.

So what's Gay Marvin's story?? According to his Husseyography, he has a BTEC, and was a Bluecoat. According to the picture, he dresses in his sisters clothes and has as much sex appeal as the Cheeky Girls.

His fantastic looks combined with a sassy attitude and great dance moves wowed the management company. Fantastic?? Sassy?? Wowed?? Management??

His sexy charms are sure to appeal to a whole new Hussey audience. Old gays, confused bisexuals, single mums who want to turn him.

Spotlight on Gay Marie from Roxette throws up more unappealing gay naffness.


Burgers. I love a bit of meat!
Are you saying you're passive?


Depends on my mood.
Thongs & sarongs are so wrong, and maybe this implies small penis?


I like a smoothie. Iím not into Bears.
Don't dis the bears. True there is always a bear in the way, but bears like Hazel Dean so this could loose Hussey the famous Pink Pound.

In conclusion, never has so little been done for so few, and I bet he's never tried anal.

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