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Friday, April 23, 2004

Searchin'....Looking for Porn!!

Yes we are!!

If the idle hand isn't on the keyboard its likely to be on the penis of most male users. Inspiration is sought from various places, but what happens if you want something a bit different? Do a 'Search'. That's right we have been checking our fag stats and found some of you, like U2 didn't find what you were looking for.

Without further ado I present (only amusing) Top Search Keywords:-

-steven you ginger knob (Poor Steven. A pair of Clippers for you then love)

-cock scaffolder (Um, summit about erections or curry?)

-mr gay uk looks like lee blue (Why yes he does!! There's your validation)

-gay lads dressed as footballers (It's call footie kit try )

-men with little pricks and boners (Man hater or bad comedown??)

-whats andy bell doing from erasure (Still promoting the 'Best of Erasure', not very well judging by this question)

-Fuck Conservatism (Make it take it like a bitch!! Dinky doo!!)

-coronation street todd cock cum ass (Whippit up his gunnell!!)

-have a wank shorts
(Like 'fuck-me-shoes', but for men)

Having once listened to Blink 182, we now pay attention to...all the..small things. With that in mind and via a crooked path I bring you:-

-chicken-in-a-basket sex (see below)

This was a new one. What on earth could chicken-in-a-basket sex be? It all sounded a bit Pink Flamingos to us. We had a fag and did our own search. After exhausting seconds, hot from the crucible came...nothing. Chicken-in-a-basket sex is a myth, doesn't exist, like Ramsbottom. What we did find was much more entertaining. An online Dictionary of Gay Terms
because sometimes the words get in the way:-

Chicken-with-a-Basket: Teenager who fills out his jockey shorts, a boy with a big cock.

Rubbish Gays has booked taxi for town!! Jockey baskets here we come!!

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