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Saturday, January 31, 2004

What Does She Have To Do?

The twat in the hat!!

Urgh. Kylie, poor bitch. The more famous Minogue has seen fit to play G-A-Y again. Young posh queens as well as those older ones full of foundation and eye make-up have been rejoycing ever since. We are saddenend to hear this. Poor Kylie. How low will you go? The G-A-Y website is awash with rubbish gays anticipating entering a legal K hole for the first time.

'Looking forward to Madonna at G-A-Y tho.
Sorry Kylie, I spose next best is better than nothing.
For the record, I do like Kylie I have a Fever phone case!'
Ah the mobile phone facia, the mark of true fandom!!

'let's hope our lovely Kylie performs better the devil you know!
i'm travelling sixty miles to watch her shake her thing!! i'm trying not to get emotional. i promised myself i wouldn't cry!'
It's your party, cry if you want to.

'I might just faint.
Hmmm I won't believe it until I see her there in the flesh and then still I think ya will have to pinch me.
I'm so gonna be on the stage first after her performance, to grace the stage that just been on.'
I'm sure the stage will still be slightly warm (pass the poppers)

Remember though Kylie G-A-Y is normally the first step either into or out of the D-U-M-P-E-R. Wear sensible shoes.

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