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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

No Wanking In The Corridors!!

Fit as fuck

For those that work, you maybe unaware that a new series of Grange Hill has just started. This year sees the schools 25th anniversary, yes 25th!! As if this excitement is not enough. Simon O' Brian Brookside's own Romeo & 80's fit-bit plays the new school caretaker, the amusingly named 'Wally'. His collection of trackie pants & sports tops really came alive in the 'Who dug up the school field affair'.

Queer as fuck

As if this wasn't enough excitement, enter Nick Edwards. He has a dark secret, oddly enough it's that he took part in a racist assault. In our eyes he is a secret gay, and therefore rubbish. As such Rubbish Gays welcomes him open armed & legged.

Never have we been so excited over kids tv, well apart from Nathan in Tracy Beaker. Forget Hollyoaks, this is where it's at.

[Rubbish TV on: Days That Shook The World - BBC2 ]