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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Don't Ask Don't Tell

A. Reader writes:-

the crew of HMS Northumberland, not gay at all. (you may have to scroll
down for the member of Her Majesty's Armed Forces in pink lycra and nappy)

So rubbish gays like Father Dowling went to investigate. Here is what we found.

Backs to the...backs boys!!

How natural and at ease they all seem. I bet they run a tight ship. Hang on though, pink lycra?? Nappy?? Baby make boom-boom?? To save you time here is the offending member.

I'm not wearing this for a bet

Meet 'Lieutenant Commander Kevin Rowlands as the delectable and sprightly Flying Flamingo' Oh dear Kevin, or is it Ma'am? A picture can speak a thousand words but this only speaks two, 'Why' & 'Never'. We are all for fags in the Armed Services, after all they do all the best porn videos, but getting them to dress in this demeaning style is unforgivable. Like Victora, we are not amused.

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