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Thursday, January 15, 2004

Gay Dads II: The Revenge

Our only ambition, is a blond one...

Channel 4 is running the amusingly crass titled 'Making babies the gay way' next week.We will be watching to catch up with the activities of the grim queens Barry & Tony and their test tube twins. For the uninitiated, Barry & Tony splashed the cash & mixed sperm to create these children of the damned. The last documentry showed them shortly after the twins had been born, where they had handed over care straight away to a pair of nannies. God forbid they would get their hands dirty and raise them themselves. Back then neither gay seemed to know how to hold a baby, ( a la Micheal Jackson), and they were very precious about their right to have children. Seems since they have moved to Spain and send their children to school with a bodyguard. Well done!! Barry/Tony you have managed to do what all people with money can do, ie. do whatever you like.
To clarify, we think anyone can have children, even gays , we don't mind. Even Pig Spice has managed to have two. We do take exception to having children just because you are rich bitches with nothing else to spend your money on. Not all parents can be hands-on with their kids, but these posh poofs have the luxury of being loaded, therefore able to spend all the time in the world with them. However choose to pay someone else for it. Poor show.
More homotastic details once the programme has been aired.

PS. The twins were baptised in matching Christian Dior christening robes.

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